How We Use and Share Your Data

Your complaint data will be entered into Consumer Sentinel, a consumer complaint database maintained by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"), a government consumer protection agency. Your data, including personal contact information, will be available to certified government law enforcement and regulatory agencies in many countries. Those agencies may use this information to investigate, take regulatory or enforcement actions, and spot consumer trends.

Information submitted through the online complaint form also may be aggregated to analyze trends and statistics that may be released to the public. This aggregate information will not contain your personal identifying information. If someone reporting a complaint to indicates that he/she is under the age of 18, the personal information gathered by the complaint form will not be collected. Please read the privacy policy and the FTC's privacy policy.

What’s Next

Once you’ve submitted a complaint, you can update or correct it by contacting us with your report reference number.

Although your complaint will be accessible to numerous government agencies, it may or may not be accessed by them. You should not necessarily expect any agency to pursue your complaint on your behalf. Many government agencies bring lawsuits to protect the public at large, but do not intervene on behalf of individual consumers. Other agencies have an obligation to investigate each complaint. Read “More Steps to Take” for more options to help you resolve your dispute.

Reporting Tips

  • It's up to you to determine how much personal information you provide. Providing your contact information will make it easier if members need to reach you to gather more information about your complaint.
  • And the more information you can provide about your experience – such as dates, amounts, and other details – the more valuable your report likely will be.